Paradise Hotel

Paradise Hotel is a translation into English of the French farce L'Hotel du Libre Echange by Georges Feydeau. The story centers around a middle-aged man, Benoit Pinglet, who after 20 years of marriage, arranges a rendez-vous with the beautiful young wife of his business partner and best friend, Henri Paillardin. Alas, sexual infidelity is a tough secret to keep, as Pinglet finds out at the Paradise Hotel in this hysterical, door-slamming, narrowly-escaping-getting-caught comedy of errors. At SDSU's Don Powell Theatre Nov. 19 to Dec. 5. Don't miss it!


Use Proper Movement to Appear More Authentic

Check out this video for actors on movement and dance during the Edwardian period. It's British, rather than French, but it should be helpful in suggesting mannerisms and movement style for La Belle Epoque.

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