Paradise Hotel

Paradise Hotel is a translation into English of the French farce L'Hotel du Libre Echange by Georges Feydeau. The story centers around a middle-aged man, Benoit Pinglet, who after 20 years of marriage, arranges a rendez-vous with the beautiful young wife of his business partner and best friend, Henri Paillardin. Alas, sexual infidelity is a tough secret to keep, as Pinglet finds out at the Paradise Hotel in this hysterical, door-slamming, narrowly-escaping-getting-caught comedy of errors. At SDSU's Don Powell Theatre Nov. 19 to Dec. 5. Don't miss it!

Who Is Checking Into Paradise Hotel? (Cast List)

Cast List
Benoit Pinglet (ben-wah ping-glay), an engineer - Thomas Hodges
Angelique Pinglet, his wife of 20 years - Gracie Lee Brown
Henri Paillardin (ahn-ree pie-ar-denh), an architect & Pinglet’s best friend - Bradley Sattler
Marcelle Paillardin, his wife of 5 years - Megan Stogner
Maxime, Paillardin’s nephew - David Armstrong
Victoire (veek-twar), Pinglet’s maid - Emily Gordon
Mathieu (mat-tyuh), Msr. & Mdme. Pinglet’s friend - Shane Blackburn
Violet (vee-oh-let), Mathieu’s daughter - Clarissa Thibeaux
Margarite, Mathieu’s daughter - Melissa Rodriguez
Pervenche (payr-vansh), Mathieu’s daughter - Sarah Jewell
Paquierette (pah-keer-et), Mathieu’s daughter - Stephanie Hester
Porters - Nathan Bell, Jarret Addleman, Jon Wat
Bastien (bas-tee-en), hotel front desk clerk - Shaun Rosten
Boulet (boo-lay), hotel bellboy - Jon Wat
Chervet, hotel guest - Guy Robbins
Antoinette, hotel guest - Bailey Neill
Ernest, hotel guest - Jarret Addleman
Boucard, police inspector - Nathan Bell
Policeman - Jarret Addleman

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