Paradise Hotel

Paradise Hotel is a translation into English of the French farce L'Hotel du Libre Echange by Georges Feydeau. The story centers around a middle-aged man, Benoit Pinglet, who after 20 years of marriage, arranges a rendez-vous with the beautiful young wife of his business partner and best friend, Henri Paillardin. Alas, sexual infidelity is a tough secret to keep, as Pinglet finds out at the Paradise Hotel in this hysterical, door-slamming, narrowly-escaping-getting-caught comedy of errors. At SDSU's Don Powell Theatre Nov. 19 to Dec. 5. Don't miss it!


English Translations of L'Hotel du Libre Echange

Hotel Paradiso, Adaptation by Peter Glenville, 1957, 1960, London: Heinemann. Published by Samuel French in the USA in 1958. This is the version that was produced on Broadway. It was also the version made into a 1966 film directed by Peter Glenville.

A Little Hotel on the Side. Translation by Sir John Mortimer, 1984, London: French. First presented at the National Theatre on Aug. 9, 1984. This version was also staged by National Actors Theatre at the Belasco Theatre in New York in 1992.

Paradise Hotel. Translation by Nicholas Rudall, 1990, Chicago: I.R. Dee. First performed at the Court Theatre at the University of Chicago, Nov. 10, 1989.

Hotel Peccadillo. Adaptation by Morris Panych, 2007. Premiered at the Shaw Festival in 2007. Published in Still Laughing: Three Adaptations by Morris Panych. Talon Books, 2009.

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